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Our large group, personal training is higher numbers compared to our small group PT, with sessions at around 16 people per session. BUT, even though it's higher numbers it still gets your desired outcome. That's a PROMISE!


What we have done is we have replicated what we do in a smaller group environment to a large group environment to ensure clients still get a high-level of coaching, in a high energy environment.


Our programming on Large Group PT is designed to cater for all ages, abilities and preferences.

This is our cheaper personal training solution but without compromising quality!

At PHIT Academy, clients start their health & fitness journey with a 30 day trial.


The 30 day trial is an opportunity to experience first hand how we work our programming to maximise your results. It also gives us the chance as coaches to learn more about you, your body and your overall fitness goals. And, hopefully it is only the start of your journey with us to greater things.



With over 250 clients already at the Academy we have a limited number of spaces left available.


We would obviously love everybody to be able to join us but it would compromise quality and we want to maintain an efficient approach for every single client.

If you would like to start your journey with us then we do try to open up around 10 trials per month for new clients to get started on. Click "Start Your 30-Day Trial", fill out your details & we will be in contact with you as soon as possible

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