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I joined phit fitness to do my 12 week transformation and 5 weeks in I’m already seeing amazing results, not just with my weight but with my physical and mental health also. 
The trainers are amazing and always on hand for advice and support and with their knowledge. 
I use to hate going to gym classes as always felt out of my comfort zone but here it’s so friendly and no judgement and everyone has a laugh. 
The best decision I ever made to join.



Joining PHIT has saved me from major health issues that I’ve been lucky to avoid for years, I had got my self in such a bad place with my eating habits and lack of exercise. I felt I couldn’t be an active dad to my 18 months old daughter and potentially not be around for her when she needed me, a change had to be made !!

I sore the achievements on PHITS web page of people in my situation and seeming some of the results I know I had to seek help from them.

I contacted PHIT and a meeting was arranged with Tom and he listened to my many issues. Tom and his team got to work and a individual tailored plan was made for me.

My goal was 3 stone in 12 weeks ! I achieved this and more with the all the guidance and encouragement you could ever need, from the academy the support from PHIT is unbelievable.

I finished my 12 week body transformation 3 and a half stone lighter and just over 30 inches lost, I’m now on my 14th week and 4lb away from loosing 4 stone !! Ive still got a long way to go to get to my end goal of loosing 10 stone but it will happen and I will be with PHIT all the way to reach that goal in the not so distant future.


In the past I have tried a few different diets, restricted calories or cut out certain foods and while I did see some results in the short term it was never sustainable. If I’m honest my biggest worry before joining PHIT was the nutrition as I have always had a poor diet and Veg is not my friend. At PHIT Tom & the guys educate you on nutrition and provide all the tools you need to create your own meal plan. Tom also actively encourages you to include the foods you enjoy so that it can be sustainable. I have never really felt like I’m on a diet and I probably eat more food now than I did before I joined.

Throughout my time at PHIT the support I have received has been first class and the guys are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

I have loved my time at PHIT & encourage anybody ready to make a change to join. All the members are very friendly and helpful and provide a non-judgemental environment to train in.


'I joined Phit in October. I have lost weight before but have never managed to keep it off, so I wanted to try something different to see if it would work. The emphasis from the trainers from the very beginning has always been to train mind and body simultaneously. They are so supportive and positive. They push me to do more and celebrate my achievements with me... no matter how small. The trainers are hot on making sure form is good and they listen to you and adapt exercises to match your abilities and needs. I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far and intend to continue my PHIT mission. The trainers, the other clients, the results and my increasing sense of self-worth and self-satisfaction are well worth the sore muscles and sweat!'


'The knowledge and know how at PHIT is probably the best I've been involved in !! I've trained in many a fitness centre and been involved with Boxing and MMA gyms since I was a kid and I'm 37 this year, i had lost my way with training over the last 4 years with work and businesses taking off but since deciding well before Christmas I need to focus on getting some shape and form back I've loved every second of the training and nutrition.....only regret I hadn't joined up sooner !! All round excellent facility and focus on you for your training and nutrition !! The guys and gym users are of a full mixed variety male female and ages and it's a happy go environment that adds to the enjoyment'


'Can't recommend a better place for working out/nutrition/motivation and life motivation. All the team at PHIT are amazing! Pushing you much more than you could working out by yourself. The nutrition plan is well explained and made a MASSIVE difference to my diet. I now understand how important diet is thanks to the guys at PHIT! Don't hesitate to join it's great!'


'The 12 week transformation plan that tom put me on was perfect for me. I wanted to lean up for holiday and get my beach body ready, something I had failed to do for the last 3 years! The entire set up of the spreadsheet that enabled me to create my meal plans was easy to use and it allowed me to create endless recipes that I could mix and match as and when I wanted. I lost 9kg (82kg-73kg) in total and I even produced a set of abs by the end of the programme! My performance improved massively due to the fact that my body was receiving the correct fuel it needed at the right times. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who is looking to either lose weight, shape up or improve athletic performance.'


'Every time I looked in the mirror I hated what was looking back. So I decided to do something about it! I found the first two weeks of training really hard but Tom motivated me to reach my weekly personal goals. I ended up loosing 23lbs and am now maintaining my weight loss whilst enjoying my new found confidence! Tom is a very motivating and inspirational transformation coach and I would reccomend him to anyone.'


'An amazing place with first class coaches. I will let my weight loss speak for itself. I lost an amazing 42 lbs over 18 weeks. My whole wardrobe has changed, i was a 38/40 inch waist size and now I can fit into 34 inch waist, I feel great. But what’s even more important is the education that I took with me. I am out of my comfort zone and I know that with the calorie control plan combined with the exercise plan it will help me continue my journey to lose weight and tone up my body. I can’t wait to get to 52 weeks to see my transformation.

This was the first time I had ever joined a group like this, the best decision of my life. The best value for money spent.'


'Tom has completely revolutionised the way I train and look at my food. I look forward to EVERY workout I have with him and no session is ever the same. Before I started with Tom I was bored with the gym and no where near pushing myself enough, but Tom maximises my potential and pays close attention to my technique! It has given me a new lease of life and I am without a doubt a happier person.'


'Tom I had tried gyms in the past and had struggled to see any results with eventually having lack of motivation poor diet and overall frustration of wanting to see a difference but not being able to. I went to PHIT and this all changed, Tom spent time with me to understand what I wanted to achieve (lose weight, educate around diet and overall see some results) - he set out a structured eating plan and explained the sessions.

The whole team at PHIT made the sessions enjoyable and motivated me to want to keep going which is where I had struggled before, the results were great to see and the regular photo updates and measurements inspired me to maintain this and want to do more. What I have achieved over the last 12 weeks has been amazing and I never thought it could be done, however hard work, determination and a great team behind me pushing for me to achieve my goals was something I had not experienced before!!


Weight training for me is a mental challenge as well as a physical one. It keeps my mind right and has helped massively with my self confidence/belief, something I've always struggled with. I feel strong mentally and physically since training at Phit. Trainers are unbelievably knowledgeable/supportive (even when you're not at the gym. Texts to see if you need help, private support groups and refocus sessions when you need it). Training in small groups is brilliant as there is always focus on you. You are corrected when needed and pushed to do more than you think you are capable of...Mindset is everything and I've done/tried/accomplished things that I didn't think I'd be able to do! The other members are all so encouraging too!! 
Joining Phit is one of the best investments I've ever made in myself, just wish I'd joined a lot sooner than I did!!



 I decided to take on the 12 weeks transformation at PHIT in February this year, after realising that I was becoming unhealthy from my desk job over the last 5 years. It was impacting my social life as well as my work and decided it was time for a change. I had a look around many different fitness academies before joining Tom Busby and his crew at PHIT Fitness Academy. The sheer knowledge and expertise you get from the personal trainers at PHIT is just second to none. The sessions are unique day in day out and very intense. You get the 1 to 1 support from Tom Busby himself and are invited into a facebook group of people who are on the same journey as you, which gives you that much more motivation to push harder. My nutrition has changed a lot and I've lost inches off my waist and arms, and gained muscle mass in the areas. I'll definitely be continuing on with PHIT after my 12 weeks are over and would highly recommend the transformation programme to anyone who is struggling with getting into the gym and doing it all by themselves. This place has become like a family! 



'My results speak for themself...could not have started my body transformation off without PHIT. Love every class and the encouragement from the team and other members'



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